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    Key development follows the open-source bazaar model. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the release.

    Tasks are not 'assigned': sufficently motivated individuals are welcome to pick anything they wish to work on. However, for any significant endeavour, it is probably worth checking on the appropriate mailing list for a consensus upon the best way to implement any given feature.

    This allows us to co-ordinate changes in such a way that development work is not self-defeating or overlapping in any way.

    This section outlines the list of different 'parts' of Key that may be worked on. Each 'part' has a co-ordinator who has the final say over what is and isn't accepted as a contribution.

    codeThe .java source code in src/
    setupThe example setup in setup/
    helpfilesThe files in setup/help/
    docThe webpages in doc/
    configThe platform configurations in bin/
    mudThe MUD engine for Key (src/mud)

    This section contains the credits for those who have worked on Key.

    Paul Mclachlan The initial codebase, design & code
    Jason Crane
    Clan commands & general co-ordination
    Brett Franklin
    'Lots of cool stuff', including the newer active objects and some neat commands, including the backbone support for them.
    George Wright
    Forest eclipse room descriptions & testing
    Scott Tierney
    Most of the SU commands
    Site banning code
    Eric Bicknell
    Aided in room design, initial room/exit code
    Andrew Wilson
    Design validation (colour code, priviledge checking)
    Nathan Lennox
    Initial mail and news code
    Adam Teague
    The online editor
    Luca Pancallo Code for BodyTypes &Weapon object
    Iain Truskett
    Helpfiles & helpfile co-ordination
    Matt Busigin
    modifications to key.commands.DirectedBroadcast.
    Terrance Davis
    the mac_os_x setup

    I've obviously taken a lot of inspiration from Simon Marsh's origina EW-too code, as well as LambdaMOO and the various MUD servers out there. (diku/circle, etc)

    Key is dedicated to Lisa Kim Dow, without whom, I'd never have stayed on Forest for long enough to get addicted to it (or privved, so the story goes). Incidently, that is where we got 2809 from...

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