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Key is a multi-user Java based operating system that has been designed in order to support a Virtual World (call it a MUD, a MOO, or a talker).

Key currently boasts a complete Telnet protocol implementation, support for object property reflection, a transparent storage management mechanism, and a secure advanced permission system (potentially supporting untrusted code).

Key inherits other advantages from Java: dynamic code loading (fewer resets), garbage collection (stability), platform independence, and easy integration with other Java applications (such as the Jetty servlet compatible web server or the beanshell).

Implemented virtual world features:

  • playerfiles [name/password/logintime]
  • friend tracking [fwho, tell friends]
  • news [newsboard as an object, also global & clan news]
  • mail [player to player]
  • basic objects ['look sword', 'get sword', 'use sword']
  • ranks [superusers, immortals, mages - whatever you call them]
  • arbitrary groups [and Clans, as a specialisation]
  • colour [type ('colour friends cyan') and wand ('^ggreen ^rred')]
  • action permissions [block tells,mail,entering rooms, etc]

Key has been released under the GNU General Public License.

Member Of The Open Source Java Web-Ring
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